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With the economic scenario of the world taking a fast changing route, it is vital for organizations to stay abreast with the competitive financial restructuring that every company needs to undertake. Contact Business Advisors In Dubai, Business advisors in UAE. At Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA), we offer you a collaborative culture with the newest of techniques and the best of professionals, with a range of experience in the auditing services, thereby assuring a customized and appropriate presentation of financial reports.

We take the full weight of professionalism and monitor, assess and analyse the legal frame work of your organization, and then help you strategize the most appropriate and beneficial audit and assurance solutions for you. You can avail world class services of Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, Tax Consultancy, Management Consultants and Business Financial Services for your business. Business Advisors In Dubai, Business advisors in UAE will help you to setup your business

At JCA, we offer a step by step procedure for auditing. Contact auditors in dubai, The audit team understands the business model to begin with, and then ensures that the accounting system of the organization are set on international standards. This step is vital to help raise the standard of financial controls for any organizations. find more about ACCA approved employer. While our list of clients include SME’s and multi-national companies as well, we believe that our years of experience is what has helped us meet and maintain quality through statutory requirements in addition to identifying flaws in the internal financial and control systems, find registered agent.

Offering solutions in preparation and presentation of financial reports, our accounting services also include :

  • Review and appraisal of Internal Control Structure
  • Financial Audit services based on International Standard of Auditing
  • Recommendations on development and adjustment to the internal Control Structure.
  • Financial Statement Reporting based on International Accounting Standards
  • Financial statements reporting based on International Accounting Standars.
  • Specialized Audit and Investigation
  • Organizational Structure and Planning
  • IFRS and GAAP Conversions
  • Payroll, Pension and ESOP Audits
  • Financial Due Diligence.
  • Tax Accounting
  • Fraud and Scam Investigations
  • Human Resource Evaluation and Development

At JCA, our commitment is to offer value to our customers with a high-quality assurance. With our services designed to deliver comprehensive, suitable solutions for your business, we at JCA believe that an in-depth knowledge in the auditing domain ensures the best practices, Get in touch with Independent Network of Auditors, Consultants.
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