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Tax Agents in Dubai / UAE

The Federal Law No (7) of 2017 on tax procedures specifies the appointment of a tax agent to represent taxable persons before the Federal tax authority (FTA) with regards to his tax affairs and taxable obligations.

Who can be a Tax Agent in Dubai/U.A.E?

A tax agent should meet the below conditions for registration in the register of tax agents at the FTA.

  • He should hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in tax, accounting or law from a recognized educational institution; or a tax certification from an internationally known tax institution if the Bachelor’s degree is in any other field.
  • He holds a recent professional experience certificate (of a period of at least 3 years in either tax, accounting or law).
  • He holds a certificate of good conduct.
  • He holds a certificate of medically fitness.
  • He holds a valid professional indemnity insurance.
  • He holds a language proficiency certificate in both Arabic and English, written and spoken.

The responsibilities of a Tax agent are as under:

The following are the duties and responsibilities of Tax agents when appointed by Taxable people to assist them:

  • Assist the taxable person with their tax obligations. For eg. helping the businesses register with the FTA.
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns to the FTA on behalf of the businesses.
  • Refuse to participate in any work or planning which may result in a breach of any law by any person or may jeopardize the integrity of the tax system or result in a loss of revenue due to the FTA.
  • Facilitate and offer assistance during a tax audit.
    Provide the FTA with all the information, documents, records and data required for any taxable Person represented by the tax agent upon the FTA’s request.
    Enquiring about tax related matters with the FTA.
  • Submitting requests for reconsideration of decisions issued by the FTA.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained in the course of performing its duties.

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